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DO YOUR HOMEWORK! In order to find out pertinent information about the plumber's company, ask questions like, 'How long has the company been in business?' 'Do they offer all services that YOU need?' 'Are they open for service during the hours that YOU need them?' 'Does a professional person answer the phone or are you leaving a message?' These are important factors to consider when evaluating whether or not this plumbing company can help you during an emergency situation. Getting a full understanding of the company and the services they provide, means you will be able to learn if they will be there when YOUR plumbing emergency occurs.

YOU need to research and find out more information about your plumber. Ask the individual whether they are licensed and what the license number is. Then look up that license number and check it out. A licensed plumber is important because they must carry workers' compensation insurance (check to make sure this insurance is listed under their business), and they also provide liability coverage. Unlike an unlicensed plumber, they have the ability to obtain all necessary permits for all plumbing jobs and-if something goes wrong-someone will pick up the bill other than YOU. Note: if the uninsured plumber you hire brings along a" friend" to help him out and that "friend" gets hurt on your property-YOU, the homeowner are liable. That's why it's crucial to hire a fully licensed plumber. Otherwise, you might save now, but YOU will pay later.

Furthermore, if the plumber doesn't have workers compensation listed under their business-move on! YOU run the risk of receiving high priced inferior craftsmanship, and if they go out of business, your guarantee goes out the window. Nearly 20% of all contractors go out of business each year even in the best of economic times. With the end of his/her business, comes the end of YOUR guarantee.

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