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We went to a lady's house recently. She dropped something in her garbage disposal about a year before, and all she knew was that her garbage disposal was loud. She said, "Oh the lousy thing," and she figured it was a bad bearing or something like that. So she called us to replace it.

When we got there, I heard the noise and I said, "I think there is something in there." I looked, I found it, I took it out, and the disposal was perfect.

As I was leaving the house, I saw her hose is attached to her outside faucet. This was in early January, and the customer had clearly forgotten to winterize her home (or did not know how. So I walked over to unthread it, and I found it had frozen to the valve. I got my torch, thawed the valve to get the hose off, and the pipe was frozen into the house. So I had to thaw that section of pipe as well. Luckily, it had not frozen so deeply that the pipe expanded. Once I thawed it, the water started to flow, and I went inside and drained it.

We are constantly aware of these kinds of things, and we look for them when we visit someone's home on a service call.

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