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Differences Among Tankless Hot Water Heaters


Tankless hot water heaters are sold as money-saving, cost-effective devices, and it's true: they do save money. However, they do not all save the same amount of money. The savings can vary, because they offer different levels of efficiency.

Certain units operate in the 80-84% efficiency range. They are called, "Non-condensing units." The better units are "condensing units," and they operate in the 90-95% efficiency range.

So people will say, "Hey, I've got this high-efficiency tankless hot water heater on my wall!" I answer, "You have a tankless hot water heater on your wall, but it is not high-efficiency." And it surprises them, until I explain the part about how a truly high-efficiency tankless hot water heater actually runs in the high 90% range.

Our best customer is an informed consumer, somebody who knows good quality work and can distinguish it from mediocre or poor work. They know what real pricing is compared to having your cousin do it and they know what quality is. Some people just do not know what they are doing, and if they get someone who just wants to sell them anything, they will make their decision based on the information they receive, but the information is inferior. We make these "Helpful Hints" available to customers like you so that you, too, can be an informed consumer!

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