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Deal with price issues upfront before the work starts


The last thing you need to do before selecting your professional plumbing contractor is to question the price and scope of the work. Can you read the writing on their contract? Does their agreement have a "set" price on it ... or a "not to" exceed price? Is the scope of YOUR project easily defined by the written agreement? Many plumbers are instructed on how to write contracts that are open ended. Insist upon a contract with a "fixed" price.

The price issue is the most common concern YOUR plumber has to deal with every day. He should answer all YOUR questions and should be perfectly comfortable discussing pricing with YOU. YOU need to be comfortable with the pricing-so if YOU feel compelled-ask the question, "why is the price so high?"

The biggest complaint in the industry, aside from the plumber leaving a mess, is about the price. It doesn't seem to matter how much the project actually is. So if YOU say: "Mr. Plumber, your price is too high." Be prepared when the plumber asks "How much do YOU wish to spend today?" The more prepared you are as a consumer, the less likely that you will overspend.

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