What Is A Plumber?

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What Is A Plumber?

Where does the word plumber come from? It actually comes from lead..."plumb" refers to lead. Back in the day, plumbing was done with lead pipes for sewer lines, lines in the roads, etc. The periodic table shows us that the symbol for lead is Pb, from the Latin: plumbum. So the word plumber ultimately derives from the Latin word for lead.

Modern plumbing is not what it used to be. Look at the differences between what a plumber is faced with today compared to yesterday. The techniques of plumbing are the same. It's the materials that have changed. We used to use galvanized pipe, lead, cast iron, threaded brass, and copper. Now, everything is plastic. This change created both challenges and benefits that did not exist before.

The main benefit is that plastic is lightweight and easier to work with, so the jobs get done quicker, with less back-breaking labor. The down side is that because it's plastic, do-it-yourselfers tend to try to do plumbing work themselves, expecting that it won't take as much skill to install. Many homeowners prefer to do it themselves, and sometimes it works out well. However, just as often they get themselves in trouble, too, because they do not understand the limitations of these new plastic materials as well as they think.

Most people will only do the basic stuff. They'll try to change out a toilet, change out a faucet, or something like that, and that often works out okay. But if you're doing a new addition or new construction where you're running a new water main, new lines, new drains, or new vents, homeowners are smart not to get involved in doing those jobs themselves. You need expertise, and you still need plumber's insurance even if you do it yourself, so you're smart not to do it yourself in that part of the business.

Plumbers come in three classifications. The top classification is a licensed contractor (which is what Plumbers Plus is). Prior to being a contractor, you're a journeyman. Prior to being a journeyman, you're an apprentice.

An apprentice starts out as a kid who doesn't know anything about the trade. He thinks he wants to work in the trade. After an initial trial period that includes some schooling, he becomes an apprentice and works as an apprentice just like in the old days, like a shoemaker's apprentice or a candle maker's apprentice. His schooling also continues during this time as an apprentice. He serves with a plumber for five years as an apprentice and learns the trade.

Once he completes his time, he applies for a journeyman's license and takes a test. He has to work for two years as a journeyman under a plumbing contractor before applying for a contractor's license. A journeyman knows more than an apprentice and is more committed to the career. He has all of the skills of a contractor, but not the business experience.

A plumbing contractor is the top of the food chain and what we commonly think of as a plumber. All of this is laid out based on state mandates that are common to all 50 states.

The difference between Plumbers Plus and other plumbing contractors is that company owner Phil Cantito has many licenses in similar, familiar trades. He is a licensed plumber (contractor). He is a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor. He is a licensed fire protection contractor. He is a licensed home improvement contractor. So Plumbers Plus is more than just a common plumber.

Another big difference is service. Plumbers Plus emphasizes returning all phone calls, avoiding call backs by doing the work right the first time, and having well stocked trucks. When we go to a job, we usually have what we need on the truck. Having a well-equipped truck cuts down on the amount of time (and therefore the cost) spent on the job. An experienced plumbing contractor like Plumbers Plus knows how to fix a job in an hour rather that two, three, or 10 hours. When we finish a job, it's done, and there is never a need for a call the next day from somebody saying, "Hey, you know, you were here yesterday, and the problem is still occurring." That's the difference. The difference is knowing your trade, sticking to it, and doing it well.

Plumbers Plus is among the top 10% of area plumbers in terms of job quality and service. This is a fairly elite tier. Plumbers Plus is also more than a plumber. They are a business that happens to do plumbing very well, in addition to heating, air conditioning, home improvement, and fire protection. Certain types of people go into the trade; they have a plumbing-only mentality. Others, like Plumbers Plus, go beyond being mere tradesmen to being a full service business. It's the full service contractors who go beyond plumbing who are in the elite top 10%, and we lead the pack.

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